Wednesday, October 1, 2008

More than a hill-station ----

Now you know Kodaikanal is situated in Palani hills. If you come for refreshing here you will be surprised many come for something else as well. You can see men women and children go via spiralling roads to offer prayers in the temple of 'Lord Muruga' situated in another peak in Palani hills. It is also known as Then Palani (south Palani). If you are from countries other than India or even from north India you might have hardly heared that of the God worshipped in form of Lord Muruga in South India. Not only that' the Deity of Lord Muruga is in another place as well that is where I live Vadapalani (North Palani) in plain. Learn more, Lord Muruga as per religious faith is brother of Lord Vinayaka known world wide. If you do not know this you are one of the few ignorant ones.

Anything else

Yes. In vacation people take off to see some of the man made wonders in the world as well as for places of religious faith. Some places like Mount Everest the highest mountain in the world can not be visited but had to be conquered. Though not likewise in these hills the flower 'Kurungi' blossom once in 12 years. Not prepared to believe? If you the lucky one to see it when you visit here then believe. Tell your discovery to your friends on return to your place

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