Sunday, September 14, 2008

One of India's few unspoilt hill-stations

Welcome to a sanctuary Kodaikanal(Tamilnadu) designed to suit your requirements to visit on holidays.

The resort (my cottage) is located in this lovers paradise-6700 ft up in Palani hills where civilisation has not yet begone to quarrel with nature. And the whirling mists,luxuriant vegetation and spectacular flora and fauna still have their way here.

In Tamil language 'Kodaikanal' means 'visit during summer.

Grace Kodai with your presence during the month of March , April or May the truth and beauty of this name will be driven home poignantly to you.For the rest of India is a boiling cauldron ,here at Kodai,it is a cool,windy and misty and the temperature never claibms above 20 degrees.-even on peak summers day

Come stay in my cottage (for rent on day basis) refresh,renew and cleanse your spirits and make your visit remebmerable.

The sanctuary of your dream visit is just a phone call away. 91-44-23652394 mobile 9840238200.

Reaching Kodai -from Airport at Madurai-by road from all towns in Tamilnadu and all States

Numerous site seeing places covered by reputed local guides and also give diffent packages to suit your requirements (like one night two days bed and breakfast)

What are you waiting for- stay for a day in my cottage, you will only take excuse for not leaving next day and will do so with desire to visit again at the earliest possible time.

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